Paw Prints Pet  Photography is composed of Jen, the main photographer, and her wonderful husband (shooting assistant, dog wrangler, equipment carrier, technical support and ROCK) Joel.

Jen started photographing pets professionally in 2008, although she had lots of practice before that! Growing up as an only child, her “brother” Dusty the Scottie Dog was her best friend and playmate, loved being photographed! He is the reason she pursued her love of pet photography!

We are love birds who have been married for 8 years and make an awesome photography team! The Lord has really blessed Joel and I with a wonderful life and family. We give Him all the praise and hope to honor Him in all we do!

Jen Moser Indiana Pet Photographer with two Scottie DogsJen Moser Indiana Pet Photographer
What Joel says about JEN:

She is a lover of hydrangeas, dogs(little black Scottie Dogs especially), bluebirds, giraffes, Coca-Cola antiques, ice cream(for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert), coffee(made by her favorite barista – ME and Mr. Coffee latte maker!) and of course documenting life’s important moments behind the camera lens!

She loves anything that has raspberry, coconut or white chocolate in it – all three is even better(her mom makes her the best birthday cake with all three)!

She has way too many purses, goes through one can of hairspray a week(at least it seems like it), and is an only child!

Jen, her mother and grandmother have a pre-Christmas tradition to spend a full day(or two) baking cookies, bon bons, fudge and other yummy treats that get packaged in tins and delivered to neighbors, other family and friends – this tradition was started in 2007!

She hates being cold, spiders(she will become hysterical and cry frantically – NO JOKE!), bare feet(maybe just mine?) and my driving!

All these things are why I LOVE HER!

What Jen says about JOEL:

Jen and Joel Moser of Paw Prints Pet Photography Indiana PhotographerHe is a lover of football(specifically the Chicago Bears), spring birds(he keeps the birds fed year-round – they are spoiled with gourmet food), dogs, wild animals and bugs(like most boys – he even had a pet tarantula for a few years…..I am getting sick just typing that word!), he is sweet, romantic and very thoughtful husband! He has been my biggest supporter of following my passion and love of photography!

Jen and Joel Moser of Paw Prints Pet Photographer Indiana Photographer with two Scottie DogsHe is a sucker for cashews, pistachios and holding hands 😉

He collects computer parts, has so much knowledge about computers, loves problem solving and has 3 brothers! He hates being too warm, crowds and being shoeless with socks still on.

All these things are why I LOVE HIM!


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